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Set in the Vedic era, the story is about Māghavān and the destruction of Indraprastha and its residents by the antagonist, who is portrayed as the commander of the "Kshatriya" personified. It also portrays India and its people at the time as described by Ahalyabai through her five senses. The tale narrates her experiences from when she was young and eager to learn to see things around her, through the teacher or maulvi, to the young woman who goes to her grandmother to get a rest. Development The book was originally published in Sanskrit as Uma-kurma-matsya-karana, which means "The Purging of the Cow with the Cowards" or "The Swallowing of the Cow by Cowards" and written by Vidhurakavi. Māghavān has been translated to English by Bankapur Kamala Bhat Joshi from Sanskrit original. References External links Māghavān – Original Sanskrit Text Category:Hindu literature Category:Indo-Aryan books Category:Sanskrit-language novels Category:Marathi-language novels Category:Hindi-language novels Category:1962 novelsQ: How do I get the size of a container? I have a container, like this: I want to find out the size of this container (div). I tried: var col = $("#container").innerWidth(); But this doesn't work. A: this can be done by: $(document).width() // if this is global. you can get the width of your container as many as way you need. $(window).width() // if you need the width of the window $(window).innerWidth() // if you need the width of the window Disseminated Mycobacterium kansasii infection in an immunocompetent pediatric patient after surgical valve replacement. Disseminated Mycobacterium kansasii infection with a left cardiac valve endocarditis, and ocular and lymph node involvement are reported for a previously healthy 10-year-old patient after mitral valve replacement with a mechanical valve prosthesis. The



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Nilavanti Granth Marathi Read hanqwy
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